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DSP Mutual Fund

Congratulations- If you’re reading this, you’re already ahead of the curve. While most people download apps to have fun, play games or buy stuff online, you’re making a difference to your future- A great start! Also a good time to remind you of what legendary investor Warren Buffet once said: “Do not save what is left after spending, instead spend what is left after saving.” A little edit from our side- Instead, spend what is left after investing!

So what does our app do?

Simply put, it helps you get going & guides you to stay on course. Here what you can do:

1. Effortlessly track & manage your portfolio: Get a personalized dashboard that tracks all your investments with DSP. View your investment allocation by asset class, cost of investment, returns, profit booked among other things.

2. Create a ‘Family Account’ view: Easily view & track your family members’ portfolios, transactions, systematic plans with DSP. A single view for your entire family- a great way to stay on course for life’s big goals, together.

3. Invest conveniently: Make quick one-time (lump sum) investments or start & manage your SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans). What’s more- you can now modify or pause your SIPs easily if you want to. We also allow you to use the payment instruction set for one SIP to start future SIPs fast, on the fly. And yes, you can also start a SWP or STP.

4. Aim to beat inflation & growth wealth: Study & invest in our wide range of equity schemes. Invest in portfolios that let you invest in emerging or small-sized Indian companies, in large or market-leading companies, in some of the biggest international brands & specific sectors in India & abroad, as per your liking. While also becoming fully aware of the risks involved!

5. Save up to Rs 46,800 under Section 80C (of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961), by investing in our ELSS, DSP Tax Saver Fund.

6. Invest in equity markets but reduce the impact of market fluctuations: Consider our hybrid funds, that let you invest in both equity & debt instruments. Choose from our popular Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund or our two-decade-strong Equity Bond Fund among others.

7. Plan smartly to try to earn better, tax-efficient returns than your idle money, your savings or even FDs: Invest in our rich stable of debt funds & gain from the indexation advantage (when you stay invested for 3 years or more in debt funds, indexation helps reduce the tax you have to pay on profits).

8. Find the right scheme for yourself, via our easy-to-use filters (eg: by time horizon, risk profile, investment goals etc) & detailed scheme pages (with easy-to-study historical performance, risk ratios, latest portfolios, return calculators & more).

9. Withdraw your investments just as easily as you invest: Your money across all our funds is always accessible to you, conveniently (except in our ELSS, where there is a 3-year lock-in period). In fact, our instant redemption facility lets you withdraw your investment in our liquid fund in real time, 24x7. Further, in case there is any exit load applicable, we let you know upfront.

10. Use some of the most popular & convenient methods to invest- Net banking/ UPI/ eNACH (simple, one-time bank mandate for the fastest transactions) among others. You can also register for SIPs just like you would for any utility bill payments!
Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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