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Do it soon / If you have evidence of corruption in Gujarat, send information to this number, ACB will take immediate action


With the recent rise in bribery and disproportionate assets cases in the Anti-Bribery Bureau (ACB), a fresh start has been made in the state to reach out to the root causes of corruption in various government departments, where any complainant can send evidence to the public WhatsApp number.  Pendrin and CDs can also be sent to the ACB office.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau has released a toll free number to catch a corrupt official or employee but has now also revealed the WhatsApp number, a powerful tool on social media.

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 In order to eradicate corruption in Gujarat, bribery is trapped in various districts by anti-bribery bureaus.  In 2020, the ACB has made a total of 200 successful traps and registered more than 42 disproportionate property cases.
 ACB’s trap has also increased during Coro’s transition period.  So far in 2021, there have been 100 cases.  ACB sources said that if a complaint is to be lodged from any city in Gujarat, it can usually be lodged on the toll free number 1064 or the phone number of the ACB office - 079 22869228.  Now the ACB has revealed its WhatsApp number - 90999 11055.
 Any citizen of the state can easily send photos or documents of corruption to the ACB on this number.  Photographs or videos of bungalows, vehicles, land, and other property may be sent if an officer or employee has disproportionate assets.  In addition, pen drives and CDs can also be provided at the ACB's Shahibaug office.
 Regarding the new system, ACB Deputy Superintendent of Police DP Vaghela said the video and photo sender information from WhatsApp would be kept confidential.  On the other hand, the person who sent the pen drive or CD will not be questioned and the special team of ACB will investigate on the basis of video or photo.  A complaint will be lodged by the ACB if evidence is found after verification.

Formation of special team for WhatsApp information

Source by GSTV

The Anti-Bribery Bureau will be investigated by the ACB's special team when it receives a video and a photo through WhatsApp.  A special team of officers of the department has been formed.  The history of the accused person and his current condition will also be examined.  An offense is recorded against the accused on the basis of the evidence.  The team has been formed as more caution is required in the investigation of videos or photographs and other details coming in WhatsApp as well as in the preliminary investigation.

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