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What is Android 11 and its features?


 What is Android 11 and its features?

 There are two major types of mobile operating systems in the world. These include Android and iOS. It is also clear that most users in the world use the Android mobile operating system. It is followed by the iOS mobile operating system user. Both operating systems are constantly modified by their manufacturer to make them user friendly.

 From time to time software manufacturers constantly change their versions. The change is only in the older versions of what difficulties have been encountered and what is needed in the future. The software is updated with that in mind.

 Currently, Android has given update 11 in its operating system. There is a lot of discussion regarding its characteristics. So let us know what is Android 11, its features ..

 What is Android 11?

 Android 11 is a mobile operating system. Used only for Android mobile fans. Which is the 16th version of the Android operating system. Which has been published under the name of Android 11. It was published on September 6, 2020. The features of Android 11 will see much bigger changes and better features than Android 10. Currently, it is only seen in Google's Pixel fan and another company's fan.

 But over time, that is likely to change in all other Android products. This will result in exemption from installing third party applications as a screen recorder.

 Security and privacy

 Security and privacy are the biggest concerns for any technology. With that in mind, important changes have been made to Android 11 for security and privacy. When any application is installed it seeks permission to use the camera, location, audio, etc. and that permission is required for proper use of the application. Hackers have been taking advantage of it so far. But according to Android 11, access to the given permission will be available only when this application is open. If you close that application. That access will be automatically revoked.

 Built-in screen recording

 This is a unique and excellent feature. Users can easily record the movements of the mobile fan on the screen using this feature. Also the application base sounds of the fan can be recorded using this feature. Users can also narrate the story using a microphone.

 Improved accessibility

 Google has improved the voice access mode in Android 11. Which makes the hands free mode faster and easier to use. The biggest change is that voice access mode will now work offline as well. So you don't always need to be connected to the internet to use this mode.

 New Conversion tab: Android 11 notification section will be divided into two parts. Including No. 1 Notification Section and No. 2 Conversion Section. Notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram will be seen separately in the conversion section. Also anyone can use it to give a direct auto reply. In short the facility to properly filter the notification will be easily achieved.

 What are the key features of Android 11?

 Compared to Android 10, Android 11 has a lot more features. In particular, the security aspect of Android 11 has been given due attention. But the four key features that will make Android 11 more effective include built-in screen recording, security and privacy, improved accessibility, and a new conversion tab.

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