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Rupani government's big decision regarding schools, will start from this date. 6-8 schools


Rupani government's big decision regarding schools, will start from this date.  6-8 schools

DIKSHA is India's national digital infrastructure for school education

The DIKSHA platform offers teachers, students and parents engaging learning material relevant to the prescribed school curriculum. Teachers have access to aids like lesson plans, worksheets and activities, to create enjoyable classroom experiences. Students understand concepts, revise lessons and do practice exercises. Parents can follow classroom activities and clear doubts outside school hours.

App highlights

• Explore interactive material created by teachers and the best Indian content creators for teachers and students in India. By India, for India!

• Scan QR codes from textbooks and find additional learning material associated with the topic

• Store and share content offline, even without Internet connectivity

• Find lessons and worksheets relevant to what is taught in the school classroom


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• Experience the app in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu with additional Indian languages coming soon!

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Advantages for teachers

• Find interactive and engaging teaching material to make your class interesting

• See and share best practices with other teachers to explain difficult concepts to students

• Join courses to further your professional development and earn badges and certificates on completion

• View your teaching history across your career as a school teacher

• Receive official announcements from the state department

• Conduct digital assessments to check your students’ understanding of a topic that you have taught

Advantages for students and parents

• Scan QR codes in your textbook for easy access to the associated lessons on the platform

• Revise lessons that you learnt in class

• Find additional material around topics that are difficult to understand

• Practice solving problems and get immediate feedback on whether the answer is correct or not.

Want to create content for DIKSHA?

• Help teachers deliver concepts in an easy and engaging manner

• Help students learn better in and outside class.

• Get involved in providing students with high quality learning material, irrespective of where they study

• If you wish to be a part of this movement, visit the VidyaDaan portal using


He further said, 'Std. Students of 1st to 8th and 9th as well as 11th standard will be examined and their examinations will be based on the online syllabus taught by the schools. "If the entire syllabus could not be taught online due to the Koro epidemic, the syllabus will be taken on the basis of the number of syllabi taught to the students," Chudasama told our correspondent Times of India.


The exam will be based on the syllabus taught online. The government has refused to give mass promotion to primary schools. There have been reports for mass promotion in the media that the state's primary schools have yet to physically begin amid the Corona riots. However, the state government clarified that there were no plans to give mass promotion to students due to the epidemic. State Education Minister Chudasama said that the exams would be conducted before promoting the students to the next academic class. He further stated that, students from first to eighth and ninth as well as 11th grade will have their examinations and their exams will be based on the online syllabus taught by the schools. Speaking to our correspondent Times of India, Chudasama said, "If the entire course cannot be taught online due to the coro epidemic, it will be based on the number of courses taught to students."

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