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Maths Puzzles With Answers 10


 Health insurance renewal has the same importance as buying one after you compare policy online. When you opt for the best medical policy online, you should concern yourself about renewal of your mediclaim policy on time. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when you go for the renewal online such as the coverage, special add-on covers etc. 

You can also switch to a different insurer at the time of your policy renewal if better benefits are provided in exchange of the same premium you pay for your existing mediclaim plan. 

❤️ + 🏀 + 💡 = 4

❤️ + 2 (🏀) + 4 (💡) = 12

2(❤️)- 3 (🏀) - 💡 = 4

❤️ - 2 (🏀) ×💡=___ ?

Answer : 

x + y + z = 4

x + 2y + 4z = 12

2x - 3y - z = 4


❤️ = x = 2

🏀 = y = -1

💡 = z = 3


result => 2 - 2 x (-1) x 3 => 2 + 2 x 3 => 2 + 6 => 8

Final answer: 8

For online medical policy renewal, you will be required to provide your personal details such as the policy number etc. You should compare different policies online before your health insurance renewal.

Health Insurance Claim Settlement Procedure

Though most people are concerned about how TPAs work, still many don’t know how health insurance claims are settled. The best medical company in India will settle your health claims as soon as possible. 

The time of health claim settlement may vary. For the claim on your mediclaim policy, the insured must approach the TPA for all formalities and verification process. It takes generally two days to settle claims for TPAs. Here’s how health insurance claims are settled.


Cashless treatment can be availed only through the network hospital of your best health insurance company in India. You must intimate the TPA prior to pre-planned hospitalization, or within a specific time duration in case of an emergency. 

The hospital's insurance desk will assist you with all the paperwork. The TPA needs to approve the mediclaim amount and thereafter the insurance company will settle the bills with the hospital except some excluded costs that have to be settled from the pocket of the patient party directly.


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