Indian Kite Flying 3D APK Game 2021 Download

Indian Kite Flying 3D APK Game 2021 Download

Welcome to Indian Kite Flying 3D

In this game Indian real terrace to fly your kite.
and a real experience to fly kite at your terrace.

=> How To Play
- Slider swipe to FLY your kite.
- Joystick move to change the direction of your kite.
- TAP to KNIFE button for other kites cut.
- Free unlimited thread and enjoy.
- Let's play with the Indian kite and enjoy.

=> Features:
- Many realistic Indian kites.
- 3 weather select (Day, Night, Evening)
- Daily free welcome bonus diamond & lucky Spin.

Kite Fighting Tips

We should concentrate more on kite battling string that is normally utilized as a part of kite battling rivalries to cut different adversaries kite. When we typically cut our adversaries we feel upbeat and satisfied however the other adversary won't surrender attempting unless that rival cut your kite. He or she will fly another kite once the first kite gets cut. Moreover, the kite flying rivalry wins the whole day.

Strings that are utilized as a part of kite battling rivalry

Here I might want to discuss the strings that are regularly utilized as a part of kite battling rivalry. These strings are sharp, effective, covered with glass pieces, sparkly, fresh, and hazardous as well. Here I get a kick out of the chance to list the sorts of strings.

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"Manja" string 

This is the most regular sort of string that is winning from the old days when Indian individuals are flying kites. This is the main string in India that appeared. Manja is not an instant string accessible in trivial shops to gain yet this string is absolutely arranged by the flyer of the kite in the wake of getting to the opposition quality. This string is covered with glass pieces and dried in the hot sun to make it fresh and sharp. The fixings required in making this string are tube light Crushed into littler pieces, shading included, and so on so charas is warmed about 30 minutes to 60 minutes. When this string gets dried than they would move back the string and begin flying the kite.

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