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26 January Shayari&Speech Hindi 2021(गणतंत्र दिवस) APK Download


26 January Shayari&Speech Hindi 2021(गणतंत्र दिवस)

Republic Day (26th January) – Short Speech 1

Good morning! Respected teachers and fellow students. Today, on this auspicious occasion I seek your permission to deliver a speech on Republic day. But to rule a large country like India. We needed a guidance and for that Constitution became effective.

On 26th of November 1949, the Constitution of India was adopted by Constituent Assembly. And it came into existence on 26 January 1950. A Constitution is a book of rules and regulations. It considers all the rules, regulations, rights, and duties for the citizens of the country. The drafting committee had several members and Dr. B.R Ambedkar was the chairman.

On this auspicious day President arrives and unfurl the Indian National Flag. The National Anthem is played, and then great awards are awarded to the achievers and then parade is show casted which represents the achievement of India. Along with that it also shows the different States and culture. It’s such a pleasure to see great performers to represent their culture, tradition, forces and achievement.

I conclude my speech by stating that I’m so proud of our achievements and all the development we are making and giving a new platform on worldwide basis.

Thank you! For your crucial time and hearing my speech.

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Republic Day in India – Short Speech 2.

Greetings to the teachers and students gathered here. India is one of the biggest and vibrant democracies in the world. Republic Day in India is celebrated on the 26th of January every year.

This occasion marks the adoption of the Indian Constitution in 1950. The constitution of India was drafted by a great many leaders soon after the Independence of the nation.

It is celebrated with patriotism and grandeur across the country. An extravagant parade is held in the national capital with the armed forces and the representation of police forces from across the state marching across the Raj Path with pride. It also includes cultural programmes and display of the diversity of the states of the proud nation.

The President makes a speech on the eve of the Republic Day and the Prime Minister addresses the nation on the Republic Day. Many other dignitaries from within the nation and abroad formally attend the event.

Apart from this, a parade and cultural events are held at every state capital attended by the Governor, Chief Minister and other dignitaries. The hoisting of the flag is carried out by the Governor. Students of schools and colleges attend the special celebration to mark the day with a flag hoisting ceremony. Stunts are performed by the police; para-military and military forces as well as the display of the cavalry and military grandeur are viewed with awe by the general public and looked forward to.

Apart from these celebrations, the republic day is the event for the distribution of awards for civilians and military men by the President of the Nation. The Padma Awards are handed out to civilians as recognition of their achievements in various fields like art and music. Medals of honour for the distinguished services of members of police and military forces are also given out. Awards for the acts of bravery by civilians are also rewarded during this occasion. The festivities come to an end with the beating retreat ceremony held in the evening of 29th January.

Beyond the festivities, it is a day to remember the sacrifice of thousands of martyrs you have lost their lives and struggled for the independence of the nation. It is also an occasion to remember the foresight of our leaders who created one of the strongest and inclusive Constitutions for the nation that has stood the test of time. It is a day to salute to the Republic of the nation and its democratic ideals that have stayed with us for several decades. In conclusion to this speech, I would like to reiterate the fading enthusiasm among young people and we need to respect and recognise the importance of our democracy and our constitution.

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