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Colartive - 4K Wallpaper Generator AI Android APK Download Free 2021


Colartive - 4K Wallpaper Generator AI Android APK Download Free 2021

Colartive – 4k Wallpaper Generator is the first of its kind and unique custom 4k Wallpaper Generator app that provides the combination of Colors, Art and Creativity in a very easy and simple way. Using Colartive, you can generate thousands of unique AMOLED, Minimalistic, Material, Pattern, Aesthetic, Abstract, Vector, 3D, Gradient and Artistic 4k Quality Wallpapers with your custom choice of colors in just a few simple clicks.

Why Colartive – 4k Wallpaper Generator?
With hundreds of exclusive and ready to use high-quality 4k templates, Colartive unlocks the possibility of generating your own, very unique and high-quality wallpapers. Not just that, ever more sensibly designed unique templates are added every week to follow the trend. So, no limits on your Creativity. All the templates are adjusted according to your Mobile Display size. So, every wallpaper you generate on your Mobile will be specifically for your Home & Lock screen having the best possible resolution including HD, Full HD, Quad HD+, WQHD+ and 4k.

Features of Colartive – 4k Wallpaper Generator

➤ Live updates
Colartive is a live app. That means, there are always more new features and unique templates you are going to see in weekly updates. More templates mean newer custom 4k Wallpapers for your Home & Lock screen.

➤ Canvas Editor
Choose a template of your choice and fill it with a combination of gorgeous looking colors on a Canvas Editor. Colartive offers a set of handy functionalities so you focus more on generating unique color combinations for your high-quality custom wallpapers such as:
➛ Undo/ Redo
➛ Drag & Drop on colors to replace
➛ Swipe to remove a color
➛ Enable Hints
➛ Save color palettes
➛ Swipe left/right to apply built-in color palettes
➛ Use built-in quotations
➛ Edit size, rotate or add blur to wallpapers
➛ Add/ Edit text using text editor
➛ Color picker with HEX code input

➤ Built-in Color Palettes
Fill your own choice of colors or use pre-built unique palettes designed for every template wisely. More added every week.

➤ Add Text
Easy to use text editor to add Text in your custom generated 4k Wallpapers. Use built-in or add custom Quotes, set on Home/ Lock screen, even set as status or share on social media. Choose from many built-in fonts, edit size/ color & make the text position right according to your choice.

➤ Modify Wallpapers
All the generated Wallpapers can be modified. Easiest way to replace a color or add text later in an already generated wallpaper.

➤ Fast, light and battery saving
Colartive has one of the best modern looking but simple and fast user interface. So, you get the things working as fast and easy as possible without burning the extra resources.

➤ In-app Gallery
All the unique 4k wallpapers you have generated can be found just inside the app. No need to rush on Mobile’s app gallery. Also, the wallpapers you like the most can be saved as favorites. So, you always find what you have generated in the easiest way possible.

➤ Set on Home & Lock screen
After generating a unique high-quality wallpaper, you can set it directly from in-app.

➤ Save in all resolutions
Every wallpaper you generate in Colartive is exactly generated according to your
➛ Display Size
➛ Selected Resolution – including HD, Full HD, QHD+, WQHD+ and 4k

➤ Types of Wallpapers
Generate custom wallpapers of types:
and many more in weekly updates...

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