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The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) Question Papers PDFs Download for 2020


The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) Question Papers PDFs Download for 2020

 What is NTSE?

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a National Level scholarship program in India to identify and nurture talented students. It honors and assists talented students by providing financial assistance through a monthly learning curve across the Education Work. Class X students have the right to appear on the selection process. Organized by the National Executive Council (NCERT), it is widely regarded as the most respected high school exam in India. For more information on the NTSE, students can visit www.ncert.nic.in

There is a two-stage selection process for academic prize. Category - For me, selection will be made by States / UTs by written test. Each State / Union region has been given an assignment to recommend a certain number of candidates for the Phase II examination, details of which are available on the NCERT website (www.ncert.nic.in). Students who qualify for the Phase - I will qualify for the Phase - II examinations conducted by NCERT.

NTSE Sample Papers for Class 10 for NTSE Stage I and Stage II Examination

QP_GUJARAT_NTSE_STAGE 1_MAT_2019-20 - Click Here...
QP_GUJARAT_NTSE_STAGE 1_SAT_2019-20 - Click Here...


NTSE 2018 Question Papers With Answer Keys


Download Link

NTSE MAT Stage 2 Question Paper With Solutions

Click Here

NTSE MAT Stage 2 Question Paper

Click Here

NTSE SAT Stage 2 Question Paper With Solutions

Click Here

NTSE SAT Stage 2 SAT Question Paper

Click Here

How Can You Prepare for NTSE?

A basic way to prepare for the National Talent Search Exam and become an NTSE Scholar is to expand your knowledge and use of syllabus conceptual knowledge up to class X.

The most important skill in preparing the NTSE improves analytical thinking. This is the process by which acquired knowledge, learned concepts, correct misconceptions and embedded foundations are combined together with the ability to think in order to reach a reasonable and good solution to a particular problem.

For some in-depth science and Mathematics application topics are also required as 15% of the questions in the SAT paper asked are based on these programs. To cover these applications, category XI or higher information is not required. This can be done with complete practice of pre-existing problems in the CBSE IX and X syllabus. Managing Social Studies topics is a very important and used task, such as Stage - Historical, Geographical and Social Studies up to the zonal level is required, but in Stage - II students must have a good knowledge of our whole country. CBSE textbooks alone will not suffice to prepare for the class - I, the students, need to refer the State Board's letters with local information.

Standard practice can be done with a series of MOCK tests. Many Online and Offline MOCK Tests are available where a student can join.

Selection process

Talent identification involves the process of selecting two categories.

NTSE phase - run by Government / UT (usually November) - CLASS LEARNERS

NTSE Stage-II is conducted at the national level (usually in May) - FOR Qualified STUDENTS ON STAGE-I Only.

Phase I: National level assessment

The first level test is a state level test, consisting of two parts to determine the required number of candidates for the second level test to be administered by DSERT.

Part-I: Mental Strength Test (MAT), and

Part-II: Learning Outcomes (SAT) Assessment (with questions in History, Civics, Geography, Economics, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.)

Students from any Board studying at any recognized school can participate. Those who qualify to enter the Second Level National Exam. The same results will be released in March next year.

Phase - II: National level assessment

Students who gain more than the required percentage in a state examination and stand within a certain number of higher levels (state quota) are eligible to appear in the national examination (approximately 4000 high students from all over the country). The national level assessment has two components to select the required number of participants for the NCERT negotiations in May:

Part I: Experimental Power (MAT)

Part II: Learning Competency Assessment (SAT) (as provided above)

Announcement of Results

The results of the National Level Examination will be released in July - August of the same year. Students are divided into 4 levels: General, SC, ST, disabled. Approximately 750 students will be selected for the regular quota, 150 from SC, 80 from ST and about 20 from the disability allocation. Results will be displayed on the website www.ncert.nic.in in mid-July or early August.

The program

1st check the Quality

The MAT Syllabus will have all the basics for verbal and non-verbal communication.

SAT The curriculum for Mathematics, Science and Social Science will be based largely on the State Board Syllabus set from Std 10 (or outside, Std 9) textbooks only.

Level Two Testing

The MAT Syllabus will have all the basics for verbal and non-verbal communication.

SAT The Mathematics and Science questions will be asked in the chapters on the sections 9 and 10 (high level). Social Studies is based entirely on NCERT textbook for CBSE Grade 9 and 10 students.


Students who qualify for all NTSE categories successfully qualify for a bursary. The amount of the scholarship is Rs. 500 / - per month for all students studying in Class XI onwards (regardless of class / course) except Ph.D., Where it is paid according to the UGC tradition. The old book distribution system has been removed. The condition of parental income for deciding to pay bursaries has also been terminated. Initially, there was a third grade in the exam in which the interview was to be held. But in 2010 some changes were made to the test structure and since 2011 no negotiations would have been held by NTSE.

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