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Top 20 Countries with the Best Higher Education System in the World

Education is of paramount importance to an individual as well as society. No matter which region or country we are living in, we must preserve our education system so that it helps us in preserving our knowledge.

Education System

Education helps an individual to grab a basic understanding of civilization and their role as a civilian.

But as the geographical region differ, the education system in different countries differs.

Therefore, in this article, we will get a brief glimpse of 20 such different education systems of the present world and their ranking through a yearly poll.

Note: The list is prepared by considering some factors like developed education system for the public, quality of basic and higher education and rate of students attending university.

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What are the Major Principles outlaying Finland’s Education System?

There are a couple of facts behind this:

  • They have shorter school days(190 days per year)
  • There are certain core principles underlying the education system of Finland
  • Students are free to choose their educative path

Let’s see how the Education System works in Finland

Finland’s early education system is laid around the concept of learning through play.  Until the age of 6, students aren’t required to attend schools.

They provide basic education when the child turns 7. For the next nine years, they follow a single structure education. They take special steps to revise and revamp their curriculum to meet the needs of each individual.

The Finnish National Agency for Education promotes self-evaluation for both teachers and schools to help them improve them. Also, Finland does not incorporate national standardized testing but they do evaluations for testing learning outcomes. One of the other striking features is the free meals.

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