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Physics is a subject with numerous concepts, formulas, and equations. Math and physicsPhysics and Math tutor.png have a close connection. Many terms and equations of math and physics are more or less similar. A strong base in math will make you an expert in physics too. 

Nowadays, there is online tutoring to do physics homework and solve past papers too. The online tutors will explain to you the subjects in a more precise way than in classrooms. The students will understand the concepts better and ask their doubts. The online tutors will make the subjects more interesting to the students.


FULL DETAIL :- VIEW PGVCL, MGVCL,DGVCL,UGVCL BILL STATUS ONLINEAt present, the entire country, including Gujarat, is fighting the Koro epidemic. A nationwide lockdown has been declared until May 3 to eradicate the virus and prevent further spread. Due to which all the other works except the necessities of life have been stopped. However, after April 20, some government offices as well as industries have been opened with conditions. Employees of power companies who used to go to their homes or shops to pay their electricity bills are also closed for now. So people have to use the online website to pay the electricity bill details as well.

The method of paying bills online is also very simple. Customers who want to pay their bills online can do so by visiting the power company's website. All they have to do is add their customer number to the website. As soon as the customer adds the number, the complete information of his bill will be displayed on the screen. Also, if the customer wants to pay the bill, he can do so from here. The receipt can also be downloaded online after paying the bill. At the same time, according to the government, no fixed charge of GEB will be levied even from small and big traders, only the consumer will have consumed as much electricity. He will have to pay the same amount.


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The tutors will first check the knowledge of students. They will then explain the complicated topics of physics by way of diagrams, videos, and audios. They will help the students to solve A level past papers physics. 

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