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See Your Voting Card Details Online in 2020


See Your Voting Card Details Online in 2020

Having a valid voting ID is very important for identification and voting. In this fast-paced world, everything is done online as time-saving. Gone is the days when you had to stand in a long line to apply for a Voter ID Card or check status. These days you can check your Voter ID Card details online in just a few seconds.


What is a voting ID card?

A voting ID card, also known as a "Voting Registration Card" or "Voting Card" is issued to an Indian citizen by the Indian Electoral Commission which serves as proof of citizenship and allows them to vote in this country. This photo ID card helps to improve the accuracy of the voting list and helps prevent fraudulent election cases.


Why is the voting ID card so important?

  •     It is a patent that can be used to access services in this country.
  •     Allows you to cast your vote in elections.
  •     Proves that you are a citizen of India.
  •     It helps to reduce electoral fraud.

    People with a valid voting ID can receive special offers issued by the Government of India from time to time. For example, you cannot apply for a share card in India if you do not have a voter ID.


Steps to Finding Your Voter ID Card online

    Visit the Electoral Search website. This website maintains all voter details after 2 or 3 weeks of applying for a Voter ID Card.

    On the homepage of the website, you will have two options to access your details. The first way is to type your Epic Number and then the second option is to search by filling in your details.

    If you select the first option, you will need to enter your Epic number, State, and security code displayed on the screen and click on "search". If you are a registered voter, your details will be displayed on screen.

    You can also select the “Search by details” option and enter details such as your full name, age, date of birth, regions, region, and your region and click on "Search" for your Voter Identity Card details. If you are a registered voter, your details will be displayed on screen.


If you cannot find your details on the Electoral Search website, you can try visiting your state election website. All provinces of India have a CEO website that stores voter information.


  •     Visit your state election website.
  •     Enter basic information like your name, father's name, and Voter ID card number and click the "Search" button.
  •     Once you click the "Search" option, you'll see a list of profiles that match the information you provided.
  •     Choose your name and click on it for details.


If you cannot find your Voter Identity Card details online, visit your nearest electoral office.

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