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 Anchor - Make your own podcast Apps for best One in play store: Let's know today what is a podcast, how to do podcasting in Hindi, if you are a smartphone user, then you must have seen or heard the name of the podcast. Because it is now being used in many platforms in India. 

Although it is very popular in developed countries like America, United Kingdom, but in India, you can consider its beginning right now. In such a situation, many people are unaware of this, if you do not even know about it, then here we will try to explain you in the easiest language.

You must have seen and read the term Podcast many times on the Internet. You must have ignored it by reading it many times. Well, this is not to be ignored, rather you should know what is a Podcast, how is an account created and how to earn money from Podcast? Podcast is getting very popular these days and many people are also working on it. If you also want to use it, then you have to know what is a Podcast
Anchor provides unlimited free hosting, and there doesn't seem to be any sort of limitation on the size of the files that you can upload. I tend to do a lot of dramatized audio productions that use really intense soundscapes. So when I create an audio drama, I want to have that full range of sound available to my audience.
For that reason, I like my bit rates to be at 256 kbps and above. However, a lot of audio hosts, even the paid hosts, push that down to 128kbps. Now 128 kilobytes per second is a great rate if you just want to record people speaking. The quality doesn't need to be as broad, because the human vocal range is limited. 128 kilobytes per second is more than enough to handle basic speech. But when you get into sound effects and music, where you're trying to create the immersive world of either a song or a story that you're telling, 128 kilobytes per second is going to have the same effect that it has on music. You lose detail in the highest and lowest frequencies.

What is a podcast?

When you watch the video, any information is explained to you through voice and pictures. In a podcast, any information is explained only through voice. Podcast means that information is explained only by voice, it is called Podcast.

What is the benefit of podcast?

Information cannot be seen in the podcast and people like to watch videos. You must be thinking what would be the benefit of making such a podcast. Actually, with the help of this, you can share any information only through your voice. Through this, you can further your online business. If you have a website, then you can increase your earning by making a podcast of its content. Apart from this, those who have Youtube Channel and have good information videos on their channel, they can make money by converting their videos to MP3 and making podcasts.

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