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This is how to get milk from a parlor or milkman Coronamukta, FSSAI guidelines


This is how to get milk from a parlor or milkman Coronamukta, FSSAI guidelines

 There are a number of things to keep in mind when bringing home the milk found in a plastic packet and when it is boiled and used to prevent coronavirus infection.  This has been informed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

 Full care should be taken
 "Whether you buy milk from a milk seller or bring milk from a shop," the FSSAI said.  You have to be very careful, whether you wear a mask yourself or not.  The FSSAI has appealed to Indian citizens to adhere to social distress.  He says that even if you are taking milk, keep an eye on whether you are following social distance or not.  Only pay at least 3 feet away from the shopkeeper and when he puts the milk packet on the counter, you step back a little.

 After bringing home a packet of milk
 When you bring a packet of milk home from the market, do not use it immediately, but wash the packet thoroughly in running water by opening the kitchen or bathroom faucet.

 You can also wash this packet with soap if you feel the need.  However, washing the packet properly in running water is enough to wash it off with the next hand soap.

 After washing the packet, first wash your hands and again cut the packet with clean scissors and pour the milk into a bowl.  Take special care that the water on the packet does not fall into the milk when the milk is poured into the vessel.  To avoid this condition you can wipe the packet with a cloth before turning the milk.

 Use only boiled milk
 The milk in the packet is processed milk.  You can use it without boiling, but it is better only on normal days.  To avoid the fear of corona these days, it is important that you use the milk only after it has boiled well.

 This is not to say that there is a transition in milk, but between bringing milk from the market and drinking milk in a glass, the milk does not come in contact with corona drops anywhere and no further problems occur.  So it is important to be vigilant on your behalf.  If you are absolutely sure about hygiene, you can also use packet milk directly.

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