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Make a one-time investment in this government scheme, earning Rs 59,000 per year


Make a one-time investment in this government scheme, earning Rs 59,000 per year: Husband and wife will get this special benefit.

 The Post Office has a number of schemes related to fixed return investment, one of which is the Monthly Income Scheme (MIS).  This offers a monthly return on your full investment. The maturity of the scheme is 5 years, but it can be extended for 5-5 years under further investment.

 The Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is earning 6.6 per cent annual interest for the current quarter.  Any Indian citizen can invest in Post Office Monthly Income Scheme.
 If the age is more than 10 years, this account can also be opened in the name of the minor under the supervision of the parents.

 Who should invest

 Post Office Monthly Income is a good plan for those investors who want a fixed income every month, also very securely.  In addition, if a full amount is received after retirement, a fixed amount can be earned every month by keeping that amount safe.  This is a good option if you want to get a regular return by investing a full amount instead of an installment.

 59,400 per year or Rs. 4950 per month. Also, if you deposit Rs 450,000 lakh through a single account, the monthly interest will be Rs 2,475.

 Required documents

 A photocopy of one's ID proof should be affixed on the form.
 A photocopy of the residential proof should also be attached with the form.
 In addition, your 2 passport size photographs should also be attached to the form.
 Be sure to take the original copy of these documents with you for verification.
 This is how to open an account


 The lock-in period in the monthly income scheme is 5 years.  But it can be extended for another 5-5 years.
 It has the facility to open a joint account with single and 3 adults.

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