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Know about depression. Why does it happen?

Know about depression. Why does it happen?

You may be shocked to learn that India ranks first in terms of youth suicide, as declared by the WHO last year. It is estimated that 3 million people worldwide commit suicide each year. And India ranks first with 2.5 lakh suicides.

This means that there are 200 suicides a day in India, mainly due to depression. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, an average of 1 lakh people commit suicide every year during the year 2009-2013.  And compared to 2009, the number of suicides in 2016 has increased by 12%.

 In 2009, 1,19,8 official cases were registered. Which reached 1,31,8 in 2014. Of course, Indian government figures show that an average of six suicides occur every day. In the year 2016 alone, 4.5 suicides have been reported in Gujarat. Gujarat accounts for 5.6 per cent of India's total suicides.

Last year, a total of 4.5 people between the ages of 18 and 30 committed suicide in India.  It covers everything from failure to study to unemployment as well as relationship issues. This will only be resolved if everyone from our society to the government does something to create a depressing environment for suicide.

Psychologists believe that the highest form of depression is suicide. It is very important to overcome depression to prevent suicide.

Treatment of Depression Depression can have biological, psychological, socio-cultural or other causes. There is no test to diagnose depression. For this, depression can be identified by psychological tests and clinical diagnosis.

Treatment of depression is possible in different ways including:
 • Antidepressant drugs.  - Psychotherapy.  Cognitive therapy.  Behavior therapy.  Hypnosis therapy. 
 • Silent therapy. Family therapy etc. In most cases the patient can definitely get rid of the disease if the right amount of drugs and psychotherapy are continued in a balanced manner.  Psychological treatment or help is needed by anyone at any time.

Sometimes people even go for counseling.  Attitudes towards psychiatrists in our country are now rapidly changing. If we remove the social stigma we all have towards mental distress, many will enjoy rejuvenation as human beings.

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