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4 Ved PDF Download In Hindi

1. Rigveda
 Rika means status and knowledge. The Rigveda is the first Vedas which is epigraphic.  It has 1028 suktas in its 10 mandals (chapters) which have 11 thousand mantras.  There are 5 branches of this Veda - Shakalpa, Vaskal, Ashwalayan, Shankhayana, Mandukayana.  It has a lot to do with geographical location and mantras of invocation of the gods.  The Rigveda's verses describe the prayers of the deities, praises and their position in the heavens.  It also provides information about water therapy, air medicine, solar medicine, manas medicine and treatment by incense etc.  In the tenth mandal of the Rigveda, there is mention of the medicine Sukta.  In it, the number of medicines is stated to be around 125, which is found in 107 places.  There is a special description of Mon in medicine  In the Rigveda there is also the story of rejuvenating Chyavanrishi.

 Meaning of Yajurveda: Yat + Ju = Yaju.  Yat means dynamic and Ju means sky.  Also Karma.  Motivation of superior karma.  This Veda is prose.  It contains prose mantras for the actual process of yajna.  Shukla and Krishna are the two branches of this Veda.  Krishna: The sage Vaishampayan is related to Krishna.  Krishna has four branches.
 Shukla: Yajnavalkya Rishi is related to Shukla.  Shukla has two branches.  It has 40 chapters.  A description of the Chbrihidhyanas is found in a mantra of the Yajurveda.  Apart from this, the subject of divine medicine and agricultural science is also present in it.

 3 Samved
 Sama means conversion and music.  Mildness and worship.  This Veda is the musical form of the Rigveda's verses.  The Samaveda is in the form of lyrical lyrics.  This Veda is considered to be the root of musicology.  Except for 75 mantras in this Veda of 1824 mantras, all the remaining mantras have been taken from the Rigveda. It contains references to the gods Savita, Agni and Indra.  It mainly consists of 3 branches, 75 hymns.

4 Atharva Veda

 Atharva means vibration and Atharva means vibration.  The one who remains engrossed in the worship of God while performing superior deeds with knowledge, attains wisdom and attains salvation.  In this Veda there is mention of mystical teachings, herbs, miracles and ayurveda etc.  It has 5687 mantras in its 20 chapters.  There are eight sections in which the two names, the Pharmaceutical Veda and the Metal Veda, are found.

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