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The results of these 6 vaccines discovered to prevent corona in the world were found to be effective


The results of these 6 vaccines discovered to prevent corona in the world were found to be effective

The Corona virus has worsened the situation around the world.  Many experiments are also being done for the specific treatment of corona.  Many kinds of experiments are being done all over the world for its vaccine, medicine, immunity etc.  But no definite result has been found yet.  No one in the world can say exactly how long it will take for the vaccine to be ready for treatment.

 About 90 teams of scientists are working around the world to vaccinate against the corona virus Covid-19.  All have reached different levels.  But only 6 of them are close to their goal.  This is called a human trial.

 Where are these 6 vaccines being made, who is making them.  What will he do.  Let us know about it.  Three vaccine human trials are currently underway in China.  If you look at it,

 1. AD5-nCoV vaccine

 Chinese company Casino Biologics began its tests on March 16.  The Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the Institute of Biotechnology are also working with the casino.  The company has used the virus to bite in the treatment of corona.  The human body uses adenoviruses that cause infections in the eyes, trachea, lungs, intestines, and nervous system.  China will inject this adenovirus into the body to activate cell proteins fighting the corona virus.  It will boost the body's immunity.

 2. LV-SMENP-DC vaccine

 China's Shenzhen Genoimmune Institute has developed a vaccine based on the virus responsible for HIV, lentivirus.  This company helps cells that activate the immune system.  As soon as the external virus enters the body, these cells become active and attack or kill the virus or inactivate it.

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 3. Vaccine made in Wuhan

 A drug made from inactive corona virus is being developed at the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Institute in China.  Chinese scientists have made such a change that it can no longer infect anyone.  This is a very traditional method of making a vaccine.  This is how most vaccines are made.

 4. CHAdOx1 vaccine

 The CHAdOx1 vaccine is being developed at Oxford University.  The first clinical trial in Europe began on 23 April.  Here, too, preparations are underway to bite the virus.  But scientists at Oxford University are using a weaker adenovirus due to chimpanzees.  It has also undergone some genetic modifications to prevent it from entering the human body and doing the opposite.

 5. mRNA-1273 vaccine

 Modern Massachusetts-based biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics is developing a vaccine that prepares the human immune system to fight corona.  The vaccine prevents the spread of the corona virus in the body.  For this, Modern has prepared to inject a weak and almost inactive virus into the human body.  So that the body develops immunity to it.  But Moderna did not use the Corona virus for this.  Scientists have developed a genetic code for corona.  A portion of it is inserted into the body through a needle.  Which will later fight the corona virus.

 6. INO-4800 vaccine

 A pharma company called Innovio in Pennsylvania, USA, is developing a vaccine that implants DNA directly into a patient's plasmid into a patient's cell.  This will cause the patient's body to develop antibodies that can fight the corona virus.  Inovio attempts to cure the disease by altering a genetic structure.  Because if the body has the ability to fight the disease genetically, there will never be any danger in the future.

 Scientists around the world are still searching for the vaccine.  But there is no guarantee that any of these vaccines will work.  The big challenge is not to create a vaccine.  How to produce this vaccine in large quantities and deliver it to the people is a big challenge.

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