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Scientists have found great success, soon the speed of the Internet will be faster than 5G


Scientists have found great success, soon the speed of the Internet will be faster than 5G

 Do you want your internet speed to be very fast?  Do you also think that security is a concern in the 5G technology that is currently claiming high speed internet?  Now your worries can go away in a few years.  Because scientists have developed a special device, the speed is much higher than the capacity of 5G.

 Where is this device ready

 The new gallium nitride-based electrical device has been developed by physicist David Strom and electrical engineer Taylor Grode in collaboration with the US Naval Research Lab.

 He named it the Resonant Tunneling Diode (RTD).  What can this diode do?

 What is special about this diode is that it is capable of conducting very high speed electro current.  This is made possible by a special process called quantum tunneling.  This process allows the computer's microprocessor to operate at semiconductor quantum speeds, which are much faster than normal diodes.  This technique is called quantum computing.

 The design of this diode has given record breaking results in current output and switching speed.  This will benefit those applications.  Which will require electromagnetism in millimeter waves and frequencies in terahertz.  The use of these applications in the field of networking or internet, sensing etc. can be very beneficial.

 There is also a catch

 The tunneling device, which produces a high-performance product, can be difficult, Strom says, as it requires an precise interface at the level of atoms.  Apart from this many of these sources are very sensitive to scattering and leakage.

 This also happened easy

 So far, it has been difficult to work with the construction approach with gallium nitride, Strom said.  But even then this has become easier because of our design.  Scientists have found that the RTD design will continue to improve its output without reducing power capacity.

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