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Now the sun has gone into lockdown, severe cold, earthquakes and famine are expected - Scientist


Now the sun has gone into lockdown, severe cold, earthquakes and famine are expected - Scientist

 Scientists have given a big piece of information about the Sun.  According to scientists, the sun has also gone into lockdown.  Extreme cold, earthquakes and droughts are expected.

 Scientists call the period when the sun goes into lockdown the Solar Minimum.  During this time the activity on the surface of the sun decreases dramatically.

 Experts are saying that we are going into a period where there will be a terrible decline in the sun's rays.  This will be a record level recession, in which Sunspot will disappear completely.

 According to a report in The Sun, astronomer Dr. Tony Phillips said that we are moving towards the solar minimum and this time it is going to be very deep.

 He said Sunspot shows that this period will be much deeper compared to previous centuries.

 During this time the sun's magnetic field will weaken, causing more cosmic rays to enter the solar system.  In four stages, Team India will return to the field, completing the BCCI's preparations

 Tony Phillips said excessive amounts of cosmic rays are dangerous to the health of astronauts.  This will affect the electrochemistry of the Earth's upper atmosphere.  It will cause lightning to shine.

 NASA scientists have expressed concern that this could be like the Dalton minimum.  Dalton Minimum came between 1790 and 1830.  It was very cold during this time.  The crop was badly damaged.  Drought and terrible volcanoes erupted.

 During this time the temperature had risen by 2 degrees Celsius in 20 years.  It caused a food crisis for the world. On April 10, 1815, the second largest volcano in 2000 years erupted.  It killed about 71,000 people in Indonesia.  In the same way, it did not heat up in 1816.  That year was named 1800 and the death from the cold.  In the meantime, only snow fell in July.

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