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BPL Ration cardholders will be up to 17th free grain distribution: Form for the loan will be given 21st


BPL Ration cardholders will be up to 17th free grain distribution: Form for the loan will be given 21st

 The Secretary of the State Chief Minister Shri Ashwinkamar today talked with reporters that BPL in the state Cardholders to meet the wheat, rice, dal, sweet, rice. Will be completed between 17 and 27 May. Under the self-reliant Gujarat scheme, the date of loan will be distributed from 21.

He further said that the foodgrains provided in the month of may as well as the Prime Minister's Janakalpan Yojana are being fed.  The remaining people will be distributed to NFSA people. During this distribution operation, the remaining people will be given a checkup round on 17th May from 27th May.

 This arrangement will not be applicable to Ahmedabad city.  Wheat, rice, lentils will be given as prescribed in this ration.  This has been adequately arranged by the state government, the state government will take adequate care that no injustice is done to anyone in any case, he said, giving further details that the distribution of foodgrains will be done by May 17.

 This year, a new date will be announced later to ensure that the APL card holders of Ahmedabad city are not treated unfairly. An important announcement has been made by the state government on this occasion, to benefit the small and middle class people living in Gujarat.  It will benefit 1 million people.  Loans up to Rs 1 lakh will be given by banks and debt societies in the state without any proof of this.

 The state government has to give a loan to the bank at 100% interest of which 3% will be borne by the government. The loan will be given for three years and no installment will have to be paid for six months.

 There is an attempt to make public life throb in the state.  The government will have to bear the burden of more than Rs 5,000 crore in this. Apart from the various departments of the state government, groceries, barbers, plumbers, etc. have been included in the scheme.

 This form will be given from more than 3000 places in the state.  The form of this scheme will be done from 21st May, this form will be filled up till 31st August and after verification it will be done to give loan.

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