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The five 'super foods' of the future that will save the planet


The five 'super foods' of the future that will save the planet

Do you want to stay healthy?  And also want to protect the earth?  So for that you would be told to eat a meal of ancient grains, a salad of algae and a salad of thorns, would you prefer that?

 The world is increasingly dependent on only three types of grain.  Rice, corn and wheat.  Humans around the world are getting 60% of the required calories from these three grains alone.

 These three provide enough calories, but not all of the essential vitamins and minerals are always available.

 A new report lists 50 unique 'future foods' of the future that are nutritious and environmentally friendly.

 So what are the 'super' foods that will be seen in the future?


 Moringa is called a 'miracle tree' that survives drought
 The Moringa tree is often called the 'miracle tree'.  It grows very fast and can withstand drought.

 It is grown in many parts of South Asia and is also used medicinally.

 Its leaves can be plucked seven times a year.  In addition to vitamins A and C, it also contains minerals like calcium and potassium.  It is also often added to soups.


 Throughout the year, Vaname grows without fertilizers or pesticides
 Wakame vegetables have been grown on the beach in Japan for centuries.

 There is also a tradition of making prasad for the souls of ancestors.

 At one time this vegetable was also used to pay taxes.


 Phonio is an ancient bean ripening in Africa
 This is a bean that has been ripening in Africa since time immemorial.  The Bambara people of Mali say that it tastes so good that the chef never has to worry.

 Phonio has been eaten for 5,000 years.  There is also evidence that it was grown in ancient Egypt.

Nopales Thor

 Nopales can be helpful for people with type-2 diabetes
 The leaves, fruits, and twigs of the Napoleon thor are infallible in the Mexican language.  This type of handloom thor can be eaten raw or cooked.  Its juice and jam can also be made.


 Plenty of protein can be obtained from bambara
 Peanuts are slightly less oily and slightly more flavorful.  Bambra pulses have attracted the attention of crop experts as they can be grown even in poor soils.

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