You can win Big Price by saying that the solutions of Corona virus: PM Modi tweeted.

You can win Big Price by saying that the solutions of Corona virus: PM Modi tweeted.

 Corona virus has been widespread worldwide.  So India is also not excluded.  There have been 123 positive cases of corona virus in India.  India has made preparations on all fronts to fight and prevent the corona virus. The government has ordered the closure of schools, colleges, malls and asked people not to mobilize in large numbers.

 The people of the country asked for suggestions

 Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted today seeking suggestions from the people of the country to fight the corona virus.  PM Modi tweeted on Monday, `` Many people are sharing the solution for Covid-19 through technology.
 I appeal to them to share their suggestions on @mygovindia.  Your efforts can help in many ways. '  The Prime Minister has also written #indiaFightscorona in front of him.

 Up to one lakh rupees will be awarded to the winner in this challenge.  

 The challenge posed on the @mygovindia page states, "The most important factor in preventing the spread of the virus locally is to empower citizens with good information and precautions."  We are acquiring information about individuals and companies that have apps for technology and solutions, bioinformatics, databases, diagnostics, etc., which can help fight the corona virus. "

 Thank you to the doctors and nurses who are battling Covid-19

 PM Modi said, "Our doctors, nurses, health workers are working hard to prevent Covid-19. We appreciate their contribution.  Different agencies at all levels are working together to prevent the spread of the corona virus.  No effort will be left to ensure that people remain healthy. '

 PM Modi said, "Many people are sharing their story and telling how India is confronting Corona.  This increases the morale of all the doctors, nurses, staff, airport staff, and others who are engaged in the fight against Corona. '  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the fight against the Corona virus said, "This is a collective reaction of all, in a situation that shows the strong spirit of our nation."  "We are trying to make sure that everyone is healthy and that the symptoms appear, they are treated properly," he said.

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