Wuhan was finally Free from Corona,China announced Insurance Mortgage

Wuhan was finally Free from Corona,China announced Insurance Mortgage

 Corona virus has dropped from Wuhan in China  The virus originated from the city of Wuhan, which is now released 180 days later.  Wuhan's seafood market, considered to be the epicenter of the virus, has reopened.  Currently there are no new cases reported in Wuhan, and the city is gradually losing its normal life.  The entire Hubei province was separated by Chinese authorities and nearly 4000 people have died from the outbreak.

 In India too, corona cases are increasing steadily and a total of 126 cases have been registered.  One case was registered in Ladakh, Odisha, Jammu and Kashmir.  While two new cases were registered in Karnataka and three in Kerala.  The total number of infected persons in the country has also increased to 126.  Maharashtra has the highest number of 39 cases.

The Corona test of the three-year-old has also been positive.  The child's parents are also infected with corona.  According to the Health Ministry, 13 people have been discharged from the hospital after improving their health after treatment.  So far the death toll is two.  Several more restrictions have been put in place to prevent the corona from spinning.

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