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Who was the Dara Shikoh?

Who was the Dara Shikoh? 

 History is always written in winners. The winner is cruel, whisper, but wow-wow winners are going on. History with a neckile, artistic, spurcation kings lined in the combat of power. The memories of such kings are also faded to the chin, because the memories of Necidal rulers do not like cruel winners. History is the same cruel game Mughal Sultanate's embarrassment cove cove is a Kormer with Dara Shikoh.

 There is no pointer today, where Mughal Saman Shah Jahan, who was his heir, who is in Dara Shikoh's grave Delhi. When the heirs of Mughal Sultanate find the grave of Dara Shikoh, while the current government has made a committee, the countryside has spread to the country, who was the Shikah, who was the interest of the central BJP government?

Short Trick:

 Sometimes history rotates the thorns of time. In 2017, the name of Dalhousie Road in Delhi has been replaced by Dara Shikoh. Name of Aurangzeb Road before it changed A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has been routed. Thus, Aurangzeb, who honored the Namgir Aurangzeb's named Aurangzeb, is trying to remember the Aurangzeb, who is in Delhi.

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