What is your blood group? This group is most protected from corona

What is your blood group?  This group is most protected from corona

 Varieties are currently being researched about Corona.  At present, clinical researchers in China claim that the corona virus attacks the blood group.

Researchers claim that Blood Group A has the highest risk from Corona and Blood Group O has the lowest risk.  This is the first time this research has been done in China.  The research was conducted at Renmin, Jinintan and Shenzhen hospitals in Wuhan-influenced corona.  The study was published in China's research magazine MedRxiv and published by China's News Paper Global Times.

 This study has shown that corona treatment is similar for blood groups B and AB but the target of corona does not occur very quickly in blood group O.

 However, Indian doctors have a different response to this research.  Apollo Hospital doctor Gaurav Kharya says that in some special cases it is seen that some with the blood group suffer very soon.  Sickle cell patients are higher in blood group O and the sample size of Chinese study is lower.  Doctors believe no immediate decision can be made as the corona virus is new.

 Former Chief Medical Officer of NDMC's Ayurvedic Hospital, DM  Tripathi says that in fact the corona has nothing to do with blood group but poor immune system.  An older person has less immune system.  Thus, corona infection relies heavily on your immune system to fight it.

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