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If the whole city goes into lockdown, Bring money Insurance from a bank sitting at home


If the whole city goes into lockdown, Bring money Insurance from a bank sitting at home

 Lockdown has been announced in all major cities of the country till 31st March to prevent the transmission of corona virus, at which point you can ask for money from the bank at home if you need cash for emergency work.  Big banks like SBI, ICICI, Axis and Kotak are offering this facility to customers.

 According to ICICI Bank's website you have to login to the bank's website to deliver cash at home or you can connect to the facility by calling Customer Care.  You can avail of this facility from 9am to 2pm to call for cash at home.  Within two hours you will get the money you need.

 With this facility of Insurance Loans, You can order from home for two thousand to two lakh rupees.  If you can add a lump sum fee of Rs 50 and a service charge of 18 percent on this charge, you will have to pay about Rs 60 extra.

 SBI, which has over 40 million customers, also offers cash withdrawal, door-to-door deposit and home deposit under doorstep delivery.  Currently, this feature is only for senior citizens, luminaries or special enrollment customers.  His fee is Rs 100.  HDFC, the country's second largest bank, also delivers cash at home.  The limit is five thousand rupees.  The bank charges a fee of Rs 100 to 200 for this.  Kotak, Axis and other banks also offer such services with certain conditions.

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