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Does your mobile have these 10 apps? So delete it now, otherwise the data will be hacked


Does your mobile have these 10 apps?  So delete it now, otherwise the data will be hacked

Malware apps have become the norm on the Google Play Store.  Smartphone users are once again in danger of dangerous apps.  According to the incoming news over the past few days, security researchers have identified 10 such applications, allowing hackers, smartphones and users to access functions other than the smartphone's camera. Worryingly, these apps are so popular among users that they have been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide.

 Researchers at VPN Pro have discovered defects in these types of VPN apps, which are very popular among users.

 Generally, VPN apps are designed for a secure connection, but Expert warns Android users about some dangerous applications.

 Dangerous attack on users' phones

 VPNPro researcher Jan Youngren said that his analysis revealed that the application has a flaw that can cause a dangerous attack on users' phones.  This attack has been called 'man in the middle (MITM)' hacks.

 Hackers can easily track the activity

 Hackers can easily track the activity between the user and the VPN provider through these apps.  Also, hackers can also check what users are doing in the phone.  VPN, that is, the job of the virtual private network is to keep the activity of the users private, but these apps are doing the opposite and are also tampering with the privacy of the users.

 Here is a list of dangerous apps

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 TapVPN Free VPN

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 Wuma VPN-PRO (Fast & Unlimited & Security)

 VPN Unblocker Free unlimited Best Anonymous Secure

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 Power VPN Free VPN

 Photo chat with private chat is not safe

 According to YOungaren, according to our research, the credit card information of more than 100 million people is at risk of being stolen. Private photos and videos can also be leaked or sold online.  Every minute a user's private talk is recorded and sent to the secret location.  Researchers recommend that these apps be deleted on the phone immediately.  Researcher Youngaren says that if your phone has a threat from these 10 apps, remove it immediately.  Experts say hackers make money by selling the collected data of these apps to third parties.

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