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This new app from Google descends in competition with Tik-Tok


After seeing the popularity of Tik-Tok in the world and in the country, Google has now come to market with this kind of app, but this app is not entertainment focus compared to Tik-Tok.  According to information Google has launched a new social video sharing app Tangi.  This is a practical app, built under the Google Area 120.

 60 seconds of video can be recorded under Google's Tangi App.  This app is very different than the Tik-Tok.  Because, users can create 60 second videos on this platform on many topics.  Including cooking, crafting, makeup and clothes.

 Users get a complete interface by going to Tangi's website.  At the top is the category in this app, which you can select.  This is a 60 second tutorial video.  You can also create videos of this type and upload.

 Tangi means - Teach and Give means Tangible.  This app will not only focus on entertainment, but will have tutorials.  However, this app is only from Google, but this app has been announced for Apple Store first.  However, this app is not currently showing on the Google Play Store and the Tangi App has been launched as a pilot.

 Not to mention, the Byte app has been launched just like the Tik-Tok.  This app is being co-founded by the Popular Vine platform.  However, the Byte app is not currently available in India.

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