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The spacecraft is approaching Earth at an enormous speed: NASA

The spacecraft is approaching Earth at an enormous speed: NASA

 An astronomical missile from a vast distance is likely to come closer to Earth tomorrow or in the near future, according to the US Space Research Institute, NASA.  NASA has also expressed the possibility that even a single orbit of the spacecraft might collide with the Earth at an enormous speed.

 According to Express UK sources, NASA's asteroid tracker exploded near the Earth called the 2002 PZ39. The asteroid weighing 3,280 feet in size and heavy weight is gaining momentum at 57,240 kilometers (per hour).  Astronomers have placed this asteroid in a series of Potential Hazardous Objects (PHOs).  Also, NASA scientists have indicated that the asteroid is bigger than any human-made missile built around the world.

 NASA sources also hinted that the PZ39 asteroid might, at its enormous speed, collide with the Earth's atmosphere at a catastrophic strike with the surface of the earth, making it possible for a large continent to be called imaginable.  Scientists call this rock Apollo asteroids. That is, this asteroid draws closer to the earth as it orbits the sun.  Nevertheless, this massive rock may even fall into the orbit of the earth, increasing the chance of a deadly collision with the earth.

 However, this asteroid will be about 36 million km from Earth on Saturday.  As far away as possible.  NASA has also made it clear that there is no possibility of collision with the Earth in this regard.  The asteroid that collided with Earth in the past, 60 million years ago, was about 10 kilometers in diameter.

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