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Gujarat Budget: Provision of Rs 27423 crore for farmers, know what to get


Gujarat Budget: Provision of Rs 27423 crore for farmers, know what to get

 Nitin Patel presented the budget in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly in which he started the budget by saying that it was an agricultural budget for the farmers.  PM Kisan also spoke on the plan, Pakwima, and Pakistan assistance.  Rs.  27423 crore budget announced.

 Total provision of 27,423 crore in agriculture

 Provision of Rs 27423 crore in the budget for agriculture and farmer welfare
 Provision of Rs. 72 crores for accidental farmers under accident insurance
 1000 crore provision for getting zero percent interest on farmers
 1190 crore provision for payment of crop insurance premium to farmers
 Provision of Rs. 1 crore for National Agricultural Development Scheme and related projects
 34 crore provision for assistance to Agro and Food Processing Units
 For the Chief Minister's Crop Collection Scheme, a provision of Rs

 In the budget, the CM announced the harvesting scheme
 Assistance will be made for making small godowns for livestock
 8000 assistance plan per unit
 Farmers will not have to take it for this construction
 For the Chief Minister's Crop Collection Scheme, a provision of Rs
 235 crore provision for agricultural mechanization

 Farmers will be assisted in the purchase of tractors and tools
 There is zero percent interest on agricultural credit of Rs 39,000 crore.
 Organic farm produce brings more income to the farmer

 900 per month for a cow
 10,000 subsidy will be provided annually for cow based farming
 Provision of 50 crores for cultivation per cow
 Fruits like pomegranate, mango will be provided with the help of Rs
 State Government Announces Scheme for Farmer Transport

 There is a provision of Rs. 1 crore in the budget for this scheme
 State Government Announces Kisan Transport Scheme
 Farmers will be assisted from 50 to 75 thousand for the purchase of light vehicles
 The target is to benefit five thousand farmers in the first phase
 What did the government say for the farmer?

 The farmers get an annual assistance of Rs. 6 thousand
 48 lakh farmers of Gujarat are benefiting
 It has provided Rs 3795 crore assistance for the deficient rainfall
 3,795 crore agricultural assistance package so far
 The amount of their benefit is being credited directly to the farmers
 The government took effective measures during the locust invasion
 The government is standing with the farmers

 What is the expectation of farmers?

 New water harvesting works for the farmers
 Distribution of the Narmada Canal will be made quickly
 Expect to speed up irrigation works
 Farmers expect the tax on tractors to be lower
 Farmers are encouraged to increase value
 State taxes on farm equipment may be reduced or eliminated
 Credit from cooperative banks becomes readily available to farmers
 Crop protection against disaster, damages can be recovered quickly
 Solar energy is a priority in agriculture

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