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Wysa: stress, depression & anxiety therapy chatbot Application Download Free In 2020


Free treatment visit for care, emotional well-being, stress check and uneasiness alleviation

Envision a state of mind tracker, care mentor, tension assistant, and disposition boosting amigo, all folded into one. Wysa, your joy mate is that amicable and minding chatbot. Wysa is stuffed with every day profound reflection for ladies that improves ladies' emotional well-being and is additionally an ideal method to bond over family contemplation. Continuously there for you when you need somebody to converse with, Wysa causes you monitor your disposition with benevolent visits and assists battle with focusing and nervousness with its demonstrated strategies and quieting reflection and care sounds. Checking in with Wysa normally will improve your passionate wellbeing so you can follow your joy and mind-set. Converse with Wysa now and psy yourself up to fend off pressure. Likewise, Wysa has psychological wellness evaluation with gloom and nervousness tests.

Wysa is your computer based intelligence companion that you can talk with for nothing. Converse with the charming penguin or utilize its free care practices for powerful nervousness alleviation, sorrow and stress the board. Its treatment based procedures and discussions make for an exceptionally charming and quieting treatment visit application whether you're hoping to adapt better to mental issue, to oversee pressure or to help your emotional well-being.

Wysa, your joy amigo, will bolster you through the of all shapes and sizes nerves of life by utilizing science as an establishment to fortify your emotional well-being. Research-sponsored, broadly utilized methods of CBT, DBT, Yoga and reflection are utilized to help you with stress, nervousness, profound rest, misfortune and other emotional wellness and wellbeing needs.

On the off chance that you are managing pressure, uneasiness and wretchedness or adapting to low confidence, at that point conversing with Wysa can assist you with unwinding and get unstuck - it's compassionate, useful, and will never pass judgment. You will defeat your emotional well-being snags, through sympathetic discussion and free CBT treatment based system. In this way, spill your guts to your joy mate, Wysa as your character will stay mysterious and your discussions are security ensured.

Utilized nonstop and trusted by 500,000 individuals, Wysa is a sincerely clever chatbot that utilizations artificial intelligence to respond to the feelings you express. Open devices and strategies that assist you with adapting to difficulties in an enjoyment, conversational way. For additional help, you can benefit direction from a genuine human mentor - a talented analyst who will take you through the propelled training sessions for your needs.

You can utilize Wysa to overhaul your psyche to improve your passionate wellbeing. Ward off sadness or get pressure help utilizing cbt procedures and guided rest contemplations for ideal rest. Here's a glance at what you can utilize Wysa for 👇

👂 Vent and talk through things or simply ponder your day

💪 Practice CBT (Subjective Conduct Treatment) and DBT strategies to manufacture flexibility in an enjoyment way

📝 Utilize one of 40 conversational instructing apparatuses which helps in managing Pressure, Tension, Misery, Fits of anxiety, Stress, Misfortune, or Struggle

💆🏻 Unwind, center and rest calmly with the assistance of 20 care reflection works out

93% of the individuals who converse with Wysa discover it and the devices supportive:

- Fabricate certainty, diminish self-question and improve your confidence: center contemplation and care, representation, certainty perception procedures, propelled care for confidence.

- Oversee outrage: care reflection practices for empathy, quieting your contemplations and work on relaxing

- Oversee restless contemplations and uneasiness: profound breathing, systems for watching considerations, representation, and pressure help.

- Tired? Get an eruption of vitality! Perception and contemplation activities to build inspiration and get joyful rest, fast yoga and physical activities to get dynamic

- Managing stress: watch care, settling strategy, challenge cynicism, work on breathing systems

- Oversee struggle at work, school or seeing someone: uncommon care and representation procedures like void seat work out, appreciation contemplation, activities to fabricate abilities in having troublesome discussions

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