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Protests across the state on the Gujarat / LRD exam, causing the matter to become controversial


Students have been taking to the streets for the past several times in the state.  Students are taking to the road with the complaint of malpractice in the exam and sometimes the right to reserve.  But for the last two and a half months, the dispute over women's reserves in locksmith recruitment has been much debated.

 Controversy over LRD examination remains unchanged
 The cause of the dispute became the language of the circular
 In the year 2018, the General Administration Department of the Government of Gujarat made a circular, which has now been created by making a definitive interpretation of women's reserves.  On the one hand, the women who have passed the LRD examination are giving a lecture in the capital city.

 The LRD women candidate is vying for the rights

 In the state capital, where LRD women candidates are struggling day and night for their rights, many intellectuals and brains are trying to interpret this circular on the other.  In 2018, the general administration department of the state government made rules for women's reservation in government jobs that neither the government understood nor the leaders of the Dalits or the disadvantaged.  And the government itself has been forced to interpret the circular.

 The cause of the dispute became some error of the circular

 After the circulation of the women's reserve caught the heat of the controversy, many political leaders, and social workers, could not do anything except to weigh the allegations against the government.  Because, in anti-government slogans, Maher was not able to explain the correct interpretation of the circular to the government itself.  So VTV has come forward to clearly interpret this circular in the interest of students and social justice of the future of the country.  We are clearly convinced that there is something wrong with the circular that has been formulated by the General Administration Department of the Government of Gujarat in the year 2018 regarding women reservation.  This error is the cause of controversy today.

 The controversy over women's reserves is now passing head-on and women candidates are fighting day and night against injustice.  Doubts are now being raised against the so-called social, political and intellectual intelligences.  The question is,

 Where were the interests of the disadvantaged when this circular took place?
 Where was Mewani after the circular claiming to fight for Dalits?
 Where was Alpesh Thakor, an OBC supporter when the circular took place?
 Where were the so-called leaders of BJP-Congress deprivation in Gujarat?
 Where were the factions formed in the SC / ST Commission when their own party governments were formed?
 Where were the MLAs elected in the name of reserved seats?
 Where were the MPs who got access to the Lok Sabha on the basis of reserved seats?
 Where were the BJP-Congress spokespersons claiming to fight for the rights of the deprived?
 The question is, do the leaders who fight in the name of the underprivileged also see their own selfishness in all these things?  Doesn't it make sense for the media to fight for the masses until the issue is addressed?

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