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Tomorrow will be the last solar eclipse of 2019, when will the eclipse be known and what not to do?

The last solar eclipse of the year 2019 is taking place on Thursday, December 26th.  This eclipse will be found in India.  The solar eclipse will begin on Thursday morning at 8-04pm and end in 10-56 minutes.  On this day will be the Amas Tithi of the month of Magshar.  Apart from India, the eclipse will also be found in some Asian countries, the United States and Australia.  In India, the eclipse will be 2 hours 52 minutes.  Eclipse begins at 8-4pm and will end at 9-30 am, and will end at 10-56 am.

The eclipse will be found in most of the places in India in the form of a solar eclipse.  In a few places in southern India, a solar eclipse will be observed.  After the eclipse there is a tradition of bathing in the holy river.

There will be a 6 planet alliance in the zodiac

The final solar eclipse of 2019 will take place in the constellations and constellations.  At the time of the eclipse, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon and Ketu will be together in the zodiac.  The constellation of Ketu-owned constellation will be eclipsed.  There is no possibility of harm to nature in the absence of any form of evil yoga in the ninth or original kundali.  This time, no lunar eclipse has occurred before the solar eclipse and there is no possibility of major damage to nature due to no lunar eclipse.  The influence of the eclipse will be greater in the original constellation and the zodiac.

Do not do this in the Sutak period

Worship should not be performed at Sutak period. One can chant mantras mentally during eclipse.  You can chant mantras like Ram Name, Om Nama: Shivaya, Sitaram, Sri Ganesh Nama: etc.  You can also meditate on your goddess if you wish.  Pregnant women should not go out of the house when the solar eclipse occurs.  Because it is harmful to the health of the mother and baby.

 Oil should not be massaged at this time.  Eating basil leaves should be included in the food items, thereby preventing the prepared food from becoming contaminated by the intake.

 The house should be cleaned after the solar eclipse is over.  The idols of the deities installed in the house should be bathed.  Worship should be performed.

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