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Samsung's will be 3D Tof cameras in this new smartphone.


Samsung's will be 3D Tof cameras in this new smartphone.

This will be a 3D tof camera in the SMSULOCKS SMSPONE, Knowledge has been working on many of its many escaping smartphones in recent days. The company's midnight is being very against a lot of information on the Galaxy A71, taking place.

There is a good information. The name of the sample of the Samsung was the Lake Paker Ivan Blas, in his tweet. The same shares of the phone range of their twitter in the twelve. The species is that the first of the Samsung's sequence is before the renders before the backmark. The specified is that the first-shake is about to be launched in the pasta Galaxy A71.

The first about the smartphone was leaking. The same time was equal to the global Punch display. According to the viral, the same as the phone, the Galaxy Ax79, as the Tax Expert IQA Block has been leaked by the Tech Expert. IMPRA ATMATEMA will be a 45 tower camera .Thism will be a 3D tof camera for 12pphanta lenses and depth sensor .Thism .Thiscom snapdragon 675 processor and the depth sensor will be 3D tof cameras.

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